How to Increase Design Costs Without Trying

How to Increase Design Costs Without Trying

If you have money to throw away on your project then adopt these 5 practices (thanks to Iron Mountain

1. Keep everything

The easiest way to increase the cost of managing information is to keep everything.

By reducing what you store, you reduce these costs.  Know what you need to keep, know how long you need to keep it and get rid of the rest!

2. Don’t organise anything

By not organising your information, it is almost guaranteed that it will take hours or days to find something!

Make information easier to find and people spend less time looking for it and more time doing their jobs!

3. Lose what you need in the clutter

Not satisfied with merely making things hard to find?  Take the next step and make it un-findable!

Information that is lost is as useful as information that does not exist.

4. Recreate what you can’t find

Now that it’s lost, what choice do you have but to recreate it?

Don’t do twice the work for the same result.

5. Just wing-it

Process is the enemy of inefficiency (most of the time) – that’s why winging-it can help you to waste a lot of time.

Show people the way and they may follow; don’t and who knows where they will go!

Doesn’t apply to you?  Are you sure?

While you are still thinking about the unorganised chaos in your team, I’ll just point out that these 5 “practices” NOT to do, map very well onto 5S (Shine, Set In Order, Sort, Standardise, Sustain) in Lean.  So from the top:-

Don’t keep everything

Instead Sift (shine) and identify what is relevant and important.

Don’t not organise

Instead Set In Order and establish a single source of “truth” for the project, one place that every team member knows contains the information they need to do their job properly.

Don’t lose what you need in the clutter

Instead Sort and organise the information into an easily navigated structure

Don’t recreate what you can’t find

Instead Standardise file storage conventions so that it replicates easily from project to project and people don’t have to think about where to find things.  They will then not lose them.

Don’t just wing-it

Instead Sustain – having got your teams trained keep them organised and help them continuously improve.
So what will you do now with the time you have saved?

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